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  "Music is your own experience, your thoughts, your wisdom. If you don't live it, it won't come out of your horn. "

Charlie Parker



About Craig


Musical Background

Music has been my passion since I was very young, and I knew, always, that music would be important in my life. I began taking formal lessons at the age of five and continued until my professional career began. I graduated from the NC School of the Arts with a focus in violin performance.

Performance and Composition

I have performed professionally for over 20 years, playing with such groups as: Raleigh Symphony, Fayetteville Symphony, Durham Symphony, and NC Theater. I have also been performing at weddings for more than 20 years. In addition to performing, I have also enjoyed teaching violin and piano for more than 18 years. My students range from pre-kindergarten through retirement age. (Listen to a Bach Gavotte performed by Craig.)

Composing my first song at the age of nine allowed me to contribute my own unique voice to music. All my early works were composed for piano. As I matured musically, I began to branch out, composing small works for string ensemble and then on to fully orchestrated pieces. One of my string works, Romance for Strings, was performed in Meymandi Concert Hall (see the Original Compositions page) by the Triangle Youth Symphony under the direction of Marta Partridge. I am still creating new music for different groups and events. 


Craig playing the violin

Craig with a piano student  

Teaching Philosophy

Music should be fun and inspiring, and musical skill should be built on a foundation of hard work and positive guidance. As a teacher, I believe in positive reinforcement and constructive criticism. In order to succeed with music, the student must grow through practice, perseverance, and parental support. For my younger students, the more value the parents place on the lessons and practice, the better the student performs. In order to improve, the student must invest time and practice.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

Q) “How much practice is required?”

A) The answer depends on the student’s level. The more advanced the student, the more practice it takes to improve. However, this is not a hardship. After a certain point, the student begins to pick up momentum, and the advancing process becomes exciting and often motivates the student to want to practice even more.

Q) “How often do lessons take place?”

A) Students begin by taking a 30 minute class once a week. As the student advances, longer lessons may be needed.

Q) “How often do performances take place?”

A) I put together two recitals per year. The first is a spring recital, which takes place in May. The second is a holiday recital, which takes place in December.

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