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"Without craftsmanship, inspiration is a mere reed shaken in the wind."

Johannes Brahms



Music Lessons by Craig Hanemann


piano hanemann music

Piano and violin lessons with Craig are fun and beneficial
for budding musicians of all ages



Craig's  piano students learn

piano student
piano bullet
good hand technique
piano bullet
proper posture
piano bullet
note reading skills
piano bullet
scales and key signatures

boy violin student


Craig uses a modified Suzuki method to help his violin students learn

violin bullet good bow hold
violin bullet how to hold the violin and stand correctly 
violin bullet good sight-reading skills
violin bullet ear training, which is essential for creating perfect pitch



quotes2Professor Craig Hanemann is a wonderful, talented professional devoting his life to new music composition and to teaching. With a clear, solid foundation in classical music, his compositions are harmoniously rich in strength and gentleness, and the movements are a splendid progression of musical ideas sharply and skillfully combined. In his teaching, he has awoken the basic musical skill sowed in me as a child 40 years ago, and today I am playing what I once thought was only an unreachable dream. It's hard to describe the joy that such a realization means for a man. Thank you always, Mr. Hanemann.quotes1

-- Richard Bethencourt, PhD

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