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"In order to compose, all you need to do is remember a tune that nobody else has thought of."

Robert A. Schumann



Original Compositions


Craig's new album, Winter, is now available for purchase!

Craig Hanemann: Winter

If you need original music for your movie,  corporate video, web site, or other purpose, I can help!

I have been composing original piano music for close to 30 years and have written a number of ensemble works over the last 10 years. I have written and produced two albums of original piano music.

My composition, Romance for Strings, was performed by Triangle Youth Symphony under the direction of Marta Partridge, my original string quartet, Movement, was performed at the Nasher Museum of Modern Art, and my Jubilant Festival for String Orchestra was radio aired on WCPE's The Classical Station on October 15, 2013 (HTTPS://soundcloud.com/the-classical-station/WCPe-education-fund-3-world). It was performed by Philharmonic Association's Triangle Youth Symphony Orchestra for the 25th anniversary concert in June 2013.

I often collaborate with other musicians and do studio work on both piano and violin. I recently completed an original jingle for Merkados Web Design Company.

"Mocha," from Craig's Coffee Suite, played by the 2011-2012 NCSSM Orchestra
(The audio and video are out of sync in this YouTube recording.)

"Latte," from Craig's Coffee Suite, played by the 2011-2012 NCSSM Orchestra

Click the titles below to play other sample compositions.
Excerpt #1 (original piano composition)
Excerpt # 2 (original piano composition)
Jingle for Merkados Web Design Company
Background music for a commercial web site

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quote2Craig Hanemann is an accomplished composer who writes beautifully for both piano and violin. While Craig’s music demonstrates his knowledge of and fondness for great composers of the past, he is a 21st century American artist, and his work is of the here and now! I especially love a moving work that Craig recently composed for piano and violin. It exhibits impressive texture and range. It is sometimes lively, but never pointlessly frenetic. It is sometimes grave and somber, but never self-consciously morose or  melodramatic. I was also very impressed with a much shorter piece that Craig composed for a client’s web site. He was able to craft a work that fit into a very short time frame and yet evoked precisely the emotion that the client wanted visitors to the site to experience. Craig is an intelligent and gifted composer, and I am looking forward to listening as his talent evolves.quote1

--Kathryn Swain, M.A.

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